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World-class Implementation & Training

picMeasuring the success of any software solution is directly related to achieving a successful implementation. To satisfy your expectations, an implementation that is well thought out, well planned and meticulously executed is imperative. At TMA, we utilize the expertise and experience gained over 20 years in developing a strategy that identifies areas of responsibility and appropriate timelines related to gathering data, entering that data, and determining the optimum time to complete basic training.

The initial step in any implementation is assigning your organization an Implementation Specialist who will work with you and your implementation team in introducing you to TMA's iPortal. This tool is the central point for gaining knowledge and accumulating the data necessary for a focused and rapid implementation. Next, a TMA professional consultant will conduct an analysis of your environment and organizational structure to insure that you receive a solution that improves workflow processes and provides your organization with timely and relevant information. Information that will help you manage your physical assets and maintenance operations in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

This defined approach to implementation and training, along with frequent and open communications, will assure your organization that your TMA software solution will be implemented in a quick and effective manner - maximizing your return-on-investment with the least amount of disruption to your organization.

Implementation Services

Basic Implementation

The TMA Consultant will work with the implementation team to assure them that there is a clear understanding of TMA and that the appropriate decisions and strategies are developed to allow for the TMA solution to be set up in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Before beginning this process, the TMA iPortal will be introduced so that the implementation team can review all relevant information necessary for achieving a basic understanding of the TMA solution. The objective is to make certain that by the end of the session, you are well on the way to getting TMA set up and operational.

Administrator Planning (Implementation Strategies)

This advanced offering provides the newly appointed TMA administrator or project manager with a clear understanding of TMA and its functions. More importantly, it provides your team leader a clear understanding of the processes involved in identifying, selecting and managing an implementation team to assist in a smooth transition and conversion to the TMA solution. This training is recommended for the one or two individuals who will be the TMA system administrators or implementation project managers for your organization. The training session can be provided remotely, at your site, or at the TMA Training Center. The TMA Training Center is encouraged so that these individuals can be totally focused on understanding the implementation process, away from the day-to-day distractions that often interfere with the learning process and the ability to stay focused.

Training Services

picTMA offers a wide range of courses with curricula that provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to fully utilize your TMA software solution. TMA Professional Consultants and Trainers understand how the TMA solution has been implemented for your organization. This information allows them to customize the training to your specific needs based on the level of knowledge of your personnel. Training can cover TMA core solutions and/or the modules/interfaces necessary to make TMA the most effective solution available for your organization.

These courses are offered remotely, at your site, or at the TMA Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Basic Training

Basic Training is conducted remotely, at your site, or at the TMA Training Center after the essential data for basic operations has been entered into the system. The trainer will effectively prepare your personnel on how to enter data, process work orders, generate and process PM's and other tasks as may be determined in consultation with your organization. Some topics are considered foundational and are not optional; however, others may be covered to a greater or lesser extent depending on your organizations needs or desires. In order for the learning environment to be optimized, there is a limit of 10 individuals in a session at any one time.

Advanced Training

TMA Advanced Training may be conducted remotely, at your site, or on an exclusive basis at the TMA Training Center. The curriculum followed by TMA Trainers will be determined and customized based on consultation with your organization. Selections of the training modules will be based on the features and functionality you desire most.

For more detailed information about TMA Training please contact us by e-mail at
email services@tmasystems.com or phone the TMA Training Coordinator at 918.858.6600, or toll-free at 800.862.1130.

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