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American Airlines, Inc.


American Airlines, Inc.
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Type of Service:
Consulting and Systems Integration
Computer Systems Integration - Application Development, Consulting and Training

Project Duration:
14 months for first phase – training phase for project is ongoing

System Modules Utilized:
TMA's Web-based solution, WebTMA i Key Management, mobileTMA (Palm Interface) and Custom Interfaces

Project Description:
Prior to implementing TMA, all American facilities maintenance was managed at the local level. This resulted in headquarters, located in Forth Worth, Texas, not being able to get a concise overall view of facilities maintenance operations. Almost all stations were using different maintenance software, which meant there was no support for the exchange of information between headquarters and field management. It was nearly impossible for headquarters to consolidate station information into useful and comparable system-wide reports.

Training of American personnel was crucial in allowing maximum utilization of the TMA system. During this Project phase, TMA staff trained American in a manner that improved facility management.

American had a wide scope of knowledgeable personnel, ranging from novice computer users to dedicated database administrators. picTMA tailored the training tracks to address the appropriate needs of each group. TMA developed a series of training services that allowed American to implement the TMA solution in an efficient and effective manner allowing for the fastest return on investment.

The implementation of TMA fulfilled the three primary objectives set forth by American: (1) eliminate the manual consolidation of station reports performed by headquarters personnel, (2) enable field management to more effectively manage their facilities maintenance operations, and (3) obtain standards to accurately forecast inventory and labor requirements at a station-by-station level.

Currently, American has a standard facilities maintenance system that has established designated equipment descriptions, inventory codes and unit numbers. TMA software has allowed American to consolidate information from various cities, yet still permit each station to act independently of each other. The ability to generate trend analysis reports is now possible for multiple stations and headquarters.

As initially planned, TMA is now serving the largest facilities within American’s system. These include Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago O’Hare, Miami, New York JFK, Los Angeles, the major maintenance centers in Tulsa, Dallas and Kansas City and American’s Headquarters Complex.

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